Why “vinyl” Youth Ministry

I love music, especially rock and roll. And not long ago I rediscovered the joy of vinyl records for listening to music. There is a long running debate over whether they sound better than their digital counterparts, but I find that listening to an album just helps me focus. There is something about physically taking the record out of its cover, putting it on the player, and gently placing the needle, that makes me feel more present to the music.

In the same time that we’ve gone from vinyl to digital in our culture, there has been a great deal of change in youth culture, the Church, and how we conceive of youth ministry. And it seems there is a lot of discussion around what it is, what we’re trying to accomplish, and how we should best go about ministering with young people.

I’m of the opinion that some of the things we used to do in youth ministry still “sound good,” especially if they help us to be present to those we are ministering with, to see Christ in them and allow them to see Christ in us. So I’m not suggesting we go back to the “vinyl years,” just hoping to share some youth ministry classics as we also explore the latest hits together.


4 Comments on “Why “vinyl” Youth Ministry”

  1. churchwrk says:

    Nice metaphor! I look forward to learning with you and from you. Congratulations on the new blog and welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Liz Ryan says:

    I’d agree Chad…we’re so quick to toss out the old and scramble to jump on the new without stopping to sort through what we have. I’m in the process of packing up to move and I know after a while the instinct was to toss everything and start fresh. But then I found treasures, and I remembered how much joy they brought and still bring… Let’s keep the “treasures” of youth ministry…those things that people of all generations experienced as life-changing and eye opening… and get rid of the rumpled, trendy, pointless fluff. Thanks for making me think about this!

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