“Because it’s fun!”


It was near the end of a long committee meeting, and we were discussing the necessity of an overnight “staff lock-in” that would occur in preparation for an upcoming event. As I pressed the group of youth and adults to name the purpose for what felt like an “extra” event in a very packed calendar, one young member of the group raised his hand. He said with a smile, “Because it’s fun. Does it have to be more than that?” We decided to keep the staff lock-in for a variety of reasons, but this comment has stuck with me.

I confess that I had allowed the thought of the event to become “work.” It felt like one more thing “to do” on a long list. Maybe you can relate. But this young man’s comment reminded me that the issue wasn’t purpose as much as perspective. To him this event was an opportunity to be with people he enjoyed, to share stories, and to laugh. Yes, there would be “God stuff” and “tasks” to complete. But his priority was relationship, friendship, and community. While I had allowed mine to become efficiency.

I experienced this again last weekend at our annual Diocesan Convention. At the end of our first day of workshops, worship, speakers, and business sessions, there is a banquet followed by a dance. And when I say dance, I mean a DANCE. This is not the awkward moment at the wedding when everyone is waiting for someone else to dance. Everyone is on the dance floor having a good time.

Last year I was really too tired to dance and went up to my hotel room after the banquet. I know. Lame. But thankfully, this year I was out there cutting it up with that beautifully diverse group of dancers. I heard another delegate say the next day how much he loved that our diocese “danced the night away” after a long day of business. I couldn’t agree more. It was fun. I felt closer to my companions in ministry, and I felt free to be myself. “Because it’s fun” is a great reason to do something when it helps develop meaningful relationships and forms deep community.


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